There are only 2 ways to increase the amount of money you have. Either you have to make more, or you have to spend less. Simple enough, right ?

Well, maybe not quite so easy, otherwise you wouldn't be here.


So what can you expect to find on the Money Stretching Tips website ? All sorts of practical tips, tricks, strategies, and useful ideas on how to squeeze more value from your hard earned dollars.

You'll find ways to reduce spending, save money, and live smarter. You'll learn some quick and easy ways to make a few extra dollars here and there. And, you'll even discover how to make the money you already have work just a little bit harder for you.

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The Money Stretching Tips website includes something for pretty much everyone who uses money and isn't already a $100-millionaire.

People experiencing financial difficulty will find the Money Stretching Tips website especially useful, because many of the articles focus on finding simple ways to save money and reduce wasteful spending.

And of course, anyone interested in money stretching tips is more than welcome !