The Embarrassment Constraint
- what will people think of me

What will the cashier think of me if I use a coupon ? smiley-embarrassed

It's quite astonishing that some people deliberately choose not to save money because they are too embarrassed. They would literally rather waste money intentionally.

What if complete strangers see me buying store brands or generics ?

No one is following you around, looking in your cart to see if you bought generic corn flakes. No one is tracking your purchases or putting you on a list of people to avoid.

And there are even some people who are just too proud to spend less than full price.

But all these other people not saving money is good for you. Because if everyone took full advantage of discounts, then the discounts would stop.

So when you see someone paying $5 for a 10 ounce bag of full price brand name potato chips, just smile and nod. After all, they're the reason you're paying half price !