The Container Reconstruction
- free food storage containers

Instead of throwing away that empty food container, why not re-purpose it ?

You buy hundreds of them every year. All sorts of jars, bottles, tubs, and containers of various shapes and sizes. And already specially designed to store food items.

These free storage containers are great for implementing the super size grocery strategy. When you buy that 20 pound bag of rice, you need to break it up into lots of separate storage containers. The 3 pound margerine tubs make it easy.

And when you want to stockpile sale items, having plenty of containers is very handy. Suppose milk goes on sale, so you buy 3 gallons. Pour the milk into plastic mayonaise jars and freeze them. Same for orange juice.

Plastic containers with lids are especially useful for leftovers. Or use them to separate quick serve portions for later.

You can turn them into disposable containers for dishes with tomato sauce. So what if it stains the container, you got it for free. Use it once and then toss it.

And why limit yourself to storing food ? Glass jars are just fine for screws, tacks, nails, batteries, pencils, and all kinds of things.

Remember, you already paid for the container. Go on and put it to good use. You're only limited by your imagination.